Vienna for Foodies

Ok. Vienna and food is a great topic 🙂

You might right now be on your way to Vienna and are not quite sure what to expect and where to get the stuff you really have to try. There are a number of places that you can try.  I am not going to make a Top 10 article here…

I just want to give you the information you need to decide for yourself, if this or that restaurant would be the right choice for you.

Wiener Schnitzel

First of all. There are probably hundreds, maybe even thousands of restaurants in Vienna. So, what is Vienna known for? You bet. Yes, it’s Schnitzel, pastries, wynyards and probably beer (maybe some more but let’s focus on the main ones).

So, Schnitzel. Where do you get great Schnitzels? Schnitzel’s you can get in almost any restaurant. It’s one of the most traditional meals. If restaurants don’t have a soup or a green salad they will still very likely have a Schnitzel. Austrians call their beloved Schnitzel – Wiener Schnitzel and so claim the origin of Schnitzel’ by adding the city name in German + Schnitzel 🙂 Smart idea… as many other cities do it with sausages.

For example: In Vienna some sausages are called Frankfurter, funny enough that in Frankfurt (german city) they call these sausages Wiener. So in this case, we don’t want to claim the right to be the ones given birth to this dish (neither does Frankfurt).

Best place for Wiener Schnitzel = Figlmueller (just Google it and you will find it)


Where can you get the best pastry in Vienna? Is there a BEST place? No, I don’t think so as there are many best places. Often tourists think the Wiener Sachertorte is the dream of the dream and you HAVE to eat it at the Hotel Sacher. The truth is, there are many pastries that are more tasty. I even think that the Sacher Torte at Hotel Sacher is not the best Sacher cake (but that’s probably very subjective).

Nevertheless, if you are in Vienna you should try the Sacher to make yourself an idea of it.

A very famous pastry and chocolate shop is the so called:  Deml. Alright the Emperor Kaiser Franz Josef has been receiving yummy pastries from this delightful place. Just google “Deml wien pastries” and you will be guided.

Personally, as mentioned before on this website. All bakeries in Vienna are a dream. Starting with the bakery chains Felber, Stroeck, Der Mann and Anker. You can order there. Surely, there are also smaller bakeries which are not part of a chain. I am not aware of any specific ones though as I trust these chains entirely and their convenient locations make them the first choice.


Wynyards, we call them Heurigen are one of the most spectacular things to do in Vienna if you want to spent time in a relaxed atmosphere, surrounded by wynyards and drinking insanely good vine. An evening at a wynyard can be very enjoyable in many ways, either by  sitting together with a bunch of friends or family or enjoying a glass of vine just with your partner.

The best places to visit a wynyard are in the 19th district of Vienna. The good thing about Vienna is, that the wynyards can be easily reached by public transport. For example, you could get out of the underground line U6 at Nussdorferstrasse and then take the tram 38 to the last station. When you get out here, you are in fact already in the area you want to be. Just walk around here or ask people to recommend a specific wynyard.

I actually used to live quite close to these wynyards, just 5 min’s away at Grinzinger Allee. A lovely place to live.  From this end station you can perhaps also take the bus line 35A to drive to the top of Kobenzl and go into the cafe at the top of the mountain which will give you an incredible view onto Vienna. There is also a hidden walkway which will take you down to the end station of the 38 tram. Please ask in the restaurant if they can show you the walkway down into the city. Please note that this way, is quite steep on certain parts. Also, along the way down this walkway, there are a few wynyards too. The good thing about these ones is, that they not only have great vine, they also include a magnificent view.


If you are not a big wine drinker, go after beer. Beer is very popular in Vienna and the variety on beers is extremely large. You can get light beer, dark beer, wheat beer, brown beer, light beer, strong beer, extra strong beer, flavoured beer and so many more.


Most beers are not that hoppy in Austria so if you want a good beer in this space, this will be possible to get but you would need to ask at the pub you are in, as I don’t know which ones there are available. Personally, I prefer Puntigamer, Stiegl and my absolute favourite beer is Weizen beer (e.g. Erdinger or Franziskaner).

PROST…. (cheers)