Things To Do In Vienna

wow… where should I start…

There are probably quite different things you want to do dependent on age and where you have been growing up. I believe this suggestions will best resonate with people in the age group between 20 – end of their 30’s.

How I personally would start my trip to Vienna is by choosing my Hotel. Of course, what else right? 🙂

Book a Hotel in Vienna

The location is not that important, as also the outer districts of Vienna are mostly well accessible and the public transport is a dream. Of course their are some more favorable districts than others.

  • The best inner districts are probably the 1st, 2nd, 8th and the 9th. The postal codes for these districts would read: 1010, 1020, 1080 and 1090. The 2 numbers in the middle determine the district. For example, the 19th districts would read: 1190.


  • The “worst” districts which I would rather not recommend are the 5th, 10th, 15th and 16th district. The only time I had to protect myself was in the 15th district where I was attacked by a group of 5 guys, who tried stealing my wallet and mobile phone (Yes, they got my wallet, but not my phone:)



  • Hotels on the main roads in the districts mentioned above are mostly safe as larger masses of people operate there. Make sure to be cautious though and let common sense guide you.

Please note: You will also be fine in the “not so good” districts but I would recommend not going around alone or late at night. You won’t be killed, but you might be assaulted or by a rather slight chance be robbed.

 Things To Do in Vienna – Where should you start?

Puuuh… another tough one.

Vienna is just preeeetttyyyyyy biiiig. Do you prefer saving money and like to discover the city yourself?

Welcome in my world. The probably first thing I would do is get into one of the bakeries. Either, Felber, Stroeck, Der Mann, Anker or if you have one close to your location, “die Aida”. Order some Viennese quality coffee (any coffee will be great) and get a ham & eggs breakfast or if you prefer sweets some yummy pastries.

  • If you had your breakfast at your hotel already, you may want to skip this part and start your journey with a walk around the Wiener Ringstraße. You may want to translate this to: Vienna’s Ring street. Sounds fancy, ey? It’s perfect to get to know the city. It will be a walk of around 5km which will guide you along many of the most lovely building of Vienna (including the Parliament, Town Hall, Burgtheater (theatre), Imperial Palace, St. Charles Church, Votiv Church, University of Vienna, State Opera and a few more…



  • Close by to the Opera House there is a tourist information, why not pop in and pick a few flyers. When you are in this area, you might be hungry and want to walk to Figlmüller which is known for the largest Wiener Schnitzel in entire Austria (and maybe even in the world). Enjoy the beer battered Schnitzel in a great atmosphere…
  • After you have eaten you may want to either continue your  walk on the Ringstraße or head down to Kaertner Straße and do some (window) shopping. Breath in the vibe, the lively shopping street… Following along the Kaerntnerstrasse will directly take you to the Wiener Stephansdom (the St. Stephens Cathedral, the most famous landmark in whole Austria)



  • You can now either continue your shopping along the “Graben”, which is also another shopping street or you can head down into the direction of Schwedenplatz which has a specialty along its way……….. one of the best ice cream shops in Vienna. Personal favourite is Zanoni which offers incredibly awesome ice cream.
  • I believe this will more or less be it for the first day (as you can spent a lot of time looking at the gorgeous buildings along the Wiener Ringstraße).
  • For the other days I can recommend different things like a visit onto the near Kobenzl (which is a mountain in the northern part of Vienna which gives you a lovely overview over Vienna). You can either walk up the decent mountain or take the bus 38A.



  • If you are looking for a good dining area, there are so many options. good restaurants which I can recommend taking a look at: and to orientate yourself after the reviews and photos.
  • On your visit in Vienna you have to eat at least once a Käsekrainer or a Leberkäs Semmel and drink at least once one of the Austrian beers (e.g. Gösser, Puntigamer, Stiegl, Zwickl, Erdinger (my personal favourite – this is a white beer).



  • You have to at least it pastries every third day on your trip.
  • Drink some Most in one of the Heurigen (Wynyards), which is a bit similar to apple cider, just 20 times more yummy.
  • Here is a list of things you can additionally do:
  • Go into one of the malls (e.g. Donauzentrum, Lugner City (smaller)…)
  • Go in one of the many museums (e.g. Technical Museum, Freud Museum, Jewish Museum, Haus des Meeres (aquarium) or any other)


  • Visit Schoenbrunn and visit the Gloriette
  • Visit Castle Belvedere and make a walk in the garden
  • Go to the Hochstrahlbrunnen (lovely fountain) at Schwarzenbergplatz


  • Visit the theatre or the state opera house
  • Make a walk along the Danube
  • Rent a bike and make a ride
  • Book a Segway tour


  • Book a trip with the Twin City Liner
  • Make a guided tour
  • Use the Hop on Hop off Sightseeing bus
  • Make a one day trip to the surrounding of Vienna (personal favourite, Carnuntum which is a roman settlement)
  • and so many things more…

Hope that helps you plan for your trip to Vienna.