Spartan Race 12/13 May 2017 In Vienna

The Spartan Race in Wiener Neustadt. Great impressions have been made and for many this was one of the best things they have ever done in their entire life.

This was basically a two days event with starts throughout the day and night.

The Spartan race is basically a race which is probably not suitable for everybody but just the toughest guys out there. The great thing about it is the diversity, in terms of training different body muscles… you can climb, run, crawl, raise heavy weights, throw things, carry things, and most importantly show endurance, power and mental strength.

Many athletes prepare many month in advance of this race. Nevertheless, also the less trained will manage to succeed as participants help each other in this race. Team work is one of the most important ingredients what this run has to offer. See the video of the last Spartan Race below and be inspired.

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