Tips & Tricks

How To Survive Vienna – 5 Useful Tips for your visit

1. Tab Water

‘Here’s our wine list… but if you want water, you have to beg for it’
  • In Vienna it is very uncommon to just order tab water. You either order a soft drink, beer or sparkling water. It is considered inappropriate to just order tab water and in case you do the waitress will very likely come up with 3 solutions to this question:
  • he/she might look strange at you and think you are a weirdo 🙂
  • will let you know that you have to order a a “real” drink
  • will bring you your tab water but will charge you a similar price as to a sparkling water (so don’t wonder if your invoice shows a line for the tab water)

Please note: The tab water in Vienna is one of the best waters you will get in the world. Very clean, low concentrate of Chloride as most of it comes from the mountains not too far away.



2. Friendliness

  • Some Viennese people are awesome folks but I believe compared with many english speaking countries Viennese can be perceived as a bit unfriendly and grumpy sometimes, so don’t feel upset if you have a negative encounter (they are actually pretty cool people)

3. Pushy people (in supermarkets, in public transport and in the car)

  • Don’t wonder if there’s a person in the supermarket behind you with a trolley that drives into your back while waiting at the checkout
  • If there’s a new checkout opening, people won’t pay attention to people who have been waiting longer in their queue, but will make sure to get their first position in the new queue
  • When you stand up to get out of a tram or get into a tram, people are not really polite and will try to get in/out first (but there are of course exceptions).
  • Pregnant and older people are treated in a very kind way. People will quickly stand up and give their seats away.
  • Driving a car in Vienna can be quite stressful for some people. Honking the horn is a common practice and should be adapted quickly to live up to the car driving rules

4. Driving a bike on the pedestrian walkway (not good)

  • This is a pretty big “no-go”. In general their are many bike lanes but if you may encounter a busy road without a bike lane you might want to hop onto the pedestrian area for your own safety, nevertheless it’s not something that people like to see and it might happen to you that pedestrians will let you know of this. A good option might be to take the bike and just push it along the pedestrian area

5. Dress code

  • This rule might apply to many cities and countries, but especially holds to be true for Vienna, you should not go around with training trousers during your stay in Vienna. Not even on Sundays.
  • Viennese people like to dress up nicely. People who do not dress as nicely are often being considered as “simple” people