Flybe – new airline

Flybe – new airline to fly from Vienna to London South End

Good news, new airline flying from Vienna to London South End. Yeahhh… Have to try this new airlines soon-ish…

Below a few stats:

  • Flybe, a new airline in Austria to fly from Vienna to South End and back
  • The flight time is around 1h35min and the destination in London is the South End airport which is conveniently located next to a rail way station which takes you quickly into the city center. Also, is it known for its quick luggage claims which shorten your overall travel time.
  • Flybe is operating 3 times per week, Wednesday, Friday and Sundays and will be attractive to use for weekend travelers but also business people who are keen to get a quick connection into the city centre.
  • In the year 2016 around 600,000 passengers were flying from Vienna to London and is one of the most attractive destinations for Austrians.
  • In total there are now flying 5 airlines to London South End from the Vienna airport, which will be good in terms of price competition as well (so we can probably expect a slight price drop).

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